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African Union Youth Volunteer Corps



African Union Youth Volunteer Corps
AU-YVC is a program strictly for the African continent that recruits and works with youth volunteers willing to work in all 54 countries in Africa

Objectives of the AU-YVC includes

  • Engaging Youths of the Continent through development and meaningful youth participation by making available Services for the Continent.
  • Providing opportunities for Africans Youths to serve, gain professional experience, skills, social competence, international exposure and leadership skills.
  • Promote cultural values and Pan-Africanism among the youths of the Continent.


Field Areas

On the field, Volunteers would serve in the following areas:

Health and HIV/AIDS
Security and Peace
Information and Communications Technology
Youth Entrepreneurship and Business
Agriculture and Environment


Environment of Service
Volunteers are strictly deployed in settings where their skill and contributions will be needed with great impact to show. Environments like:

Rural Schools
Health Centers and Hospitals
Post Conflict Setting
International Organizations
Government Agencies/ Ministries

To know more about this interesting program and to apply click on the link below.


May 17, 2018
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