10 CV Lies you MUST Avoid

As a job seeker, the employment world seems tough because it appears as if everyone has a higher or the same qualification as yours. Hence, for some job seekers honesty isn’t the best policy and some actually refer to it as ‘Packaging’.

Everyone wants their CV to be steps their counter parts but lying about your qualifications on your CV doesn’t do you any good. Why would anyone forge his or her job history when they can easily be detected by checking references or contacting the companies they claim to have worked with for verification?

How you feel about your ability to deliver in a position you want doesn’t mean that you are qualified to be in that position. Lying on your CV has great consequences that come with it.

So here a are 10 lies you find usually in CV’s and lies you must avoid:

1. Expanding dates of employment

When applicants see the requirements for a position but lack the required experience in terms of years, they increase the dates to suit the position applied for.

2. Exaggerating accomplishment and skills

Being accurate in terms of success recorded in the past and skills acquired is better than exaggerating accomplishments that you might not be able to replicate or deliver results when hired. Another thing you should know is that some skills might be tested at the point of written or oral interviews; I bet you won’t want to embarrass yourself.

3. Exaggerating titles and responsibilities

This is the most dangerous as it is easy to confirm by just a phone call. Claiming to be what you are not just to get a position has a way of exposing your incompetence in the long run should you get hired.

How you feel about your ability to deliver in a position you want doesn’t mean that you are qualified to be in that position.

4. Forging educational qualification

Why should a HND holder claim to be a BSc holder and why should a BSc holder likewise claim to have an MSC? Isn’t it funny that people don’t realize how easy it is to communicate the school for confirmation of such claim.

5. Faking interest

People, just to make themselves look cool or smart before their potential employer come up interest ideas that don’t relate to them at all. Our jobs have a way of revealing our likes and dislikes. Hiding your personality from your potential employers might be successful at this stage but in the process if hired you will blink.

6. Omitting past employment

Omitting past employment doesn’t seem like a lie to many but it is. This is commonly called “lying by omission”. If you don’t mention a particular past employment it is probably for a reason best known to you. Omitting it is at your own detriment.

7. Forging certifications and other titles

“I am a certified project manager, Human Resource Manager”. Accrediting agencies keep record of people who have passed through them and have been issued certificate worthy of their excellent performance. You might not be caught but as a false statement you’ve just put yourself at risk.

8. Volunteer work

Volunteer work is good addition to your resume. However volunteer work is confirmable. Think before you make the error of claiming to be part of an organization through your contribution. Volunteer organizations keep a good record of their staff and activities for legal reasons.

9. Unexplained gaps of unemployment

These gaps might be cover for something not favorable to the organization in terms of hiring. The applicant might be an ex-convict, fired from previous job and had nothing doing for a particular period.

10. References

Many applicants create a reference for themselves, some use family members. Many consider reference not to be a big deal. This is very important. Your family members as a reference will always be biased when called to vouch for you, they will always say the nicest things.

Avoid these lies (and all lies on your CV) – It’s safer that way and your credibility will never be questioned!

April 19, 2018
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