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Lifestyle adjustments you need to make when you leave school

The average B.Sc holder has been a student  for about 18 years. For those who have post graduate qualifications, we’re looking at more than 18years at least. This inevitably means that at some point, there is a need to make some Lifestyle adjustments to transition from the world of being a student into the working life world. This also means that your lifestyle will need to change and there are some adjustments you’ll need to make to fit into the new world you find yourself in.

Here are a few common lifestyle adjustments you’ll need to make to fit into the world of business


The world of business has zero tolerance for lateness and so where as in university, you may have decided to turn up to a few lectures late or not go at all, you cannot do that in the business world. You must be punctual to work. You also need to learn to avoid using work hours for personal problems. Punctuality also extends to meeting up with deadlines for task assigned to you and if you can’t meet up, it is important that you always inform your superiors and request for more time.


Most places of work have an already established dress code to suit their brand identity. So if you do find yourself in such an environment, you inevitably have to adjust your appearance to look the part and fit in. For example, those who work in the banks are required to be corporately dressed and you must adhere to this rule and be smartly and neatly dressed at all times.

Learning disposition

Just because you spent 18 years or more acquiring knowledge doesn’t mean you know it all. People in business are always open to new ideas and should always be willing to learn new things. If you want to be relevant in the business world, you will need to learn to do the same. You need to be teachable, be humble and have open mind to learning new things.

Attitude to Work

Once you cross over to the world of work, it is no longer acceptable to do the barest minimum when given a task. Excellence should be your goal for every task given to you. You will no longer be able to scale through life by doing just enough. You must learn to always put your best foot forward, do your best and only your best.

Adopting these lifestyle changes will definitely make you fit and ready to the working life and your colleagues and other people around you, will definitely take you more seriously.



July 21, 2022
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