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USAID Development Innovation Ventures


USAID Development Innovation Ventures is an open innovation program aimed at the creation of new solutions for critical global challenges. This innovative is open for ideas, innovations that will transform the lives of millions around the world for good while maximizing per dollar the impact of USAID. Therefore this program will be turning bright ideas into reality.

What is that problem within your community and in your country that you will like to fix? Have an idea or a solution that can change the state of a current dissatisfaction to a maximum satisfaction? Is it a;

  1. Product
  2. Technology
  3. Service
  4. Application of a creative business and delivery model

Whatever it is this program is an avenue for open doors to USAID. Anyone, Anywhere can apply at Anytime.

Flexible grants are provided for solutions that demonstrate;

  1. Rigorous evidence of impact
  2. Cost effectiveness
  3. Sustainability


Step 1. Learn about DIV and whether its right for you.

Step 2. Submit your application to DIV at any time by clicking the link https://usaidinnovation.force.com/div/s/

Step 3. Participate in the DIV due diligence process

Step 4. Negotiate and finalize the grant award

Step 5. Receive DIV funding

July 21, 2022
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